About Rozgar


To seek the pleasure and reward of Almighty Allah, and help others in doing so as well.


To elevate the standard of living of less-fortunate Muslim families by:

  • Providing a proper channel through which wealth can be distributed to capable but economically challenged individuals.
  • Promoting self-reliance in Muslim individuals.
  • Facilitating individuals to acquire deeni & dunyawi (religious & worldly) knowledge.


  • Rozgar’s objectives are based on the philosophy of Qard-ul-Hasana and include;
  • Mobilization of wealth among people in the society.
  • Compassion towards the less fortunate.
  • Performing a good deed that is encouraged and appreciated by Almighty Allah and His Messenger.
  • Establishing a better relationship among the rich and poor.
  • Eradicating unemployment from the society.
  • Missionary work for dawâah activities by giving Qard-ul-Hasana to non-Muslims.
  • For great reward in the Hereafter on giving Qard-ul-Hasana.