How Rozgar Works

The Rozgar Fund

The process of applying for The Rozgar Fund comprises of a few simple steps:

  • Applicants seeking a loan are required to fill in a form worth Rs.100 (for a loan up to Rs.5,000) or Rs.200 to Rs.300 (for a loan above Rs.5,000)
  • Upon receiving a form, our Verification Team reviews the case and pays a home visit to the applicant and the two references provided by the applicant, for verification to ascertain the purpose for which the applicant requires the loan.
  • When the application is authenticated by the team, customized and flexible terms for return of the loan are pre-determined with the consent of the applicant.
  • Once an application is approved, Rozgar provides 50% of the applicant’s children school fee. Depending on the availability of funds, Rozgar also covers major medical expenses of the applicant and their family.
  • In alignment with our core purpose, applicants and their family members are offered free of cost religious courses that are funded either through Zakat or Sadaqat. Scholarships are also provided to female students for a 2 year Fahm-ul-Quran diploma.
  • When a loan is paid back to Rozgar, it is lent once again in full to the deserving. No amount from any loan is used in administration expenses.
  • Furthermore, the donor has an option to specify whether the fund endowed is meant for daily provisions, education or medical purpose.

The Zakat Fund

An initial direct disbursement of Zakat is arranged for applicants who are extremely destitute, to provide for their immediate basic needs and household expenses. Thereafter, The Rozgar Fund is provided to help set up a small enterprise through which they can cover their ongoing expenses.